Joining SHINee World was one of the happiest things I did in life. With these five boys I lived moments that cannot be repeated once again, they taught me a lot in a way, only they can master. They made me laugh, cry, smile, and even sometimes feel bad, but never for once have I regretted being a part of the magical SHINee wrold. Indeed, being a shawol is something to remember.

I never imagined that my stay here would come to end. Never for once I thought I'd stop reblogging about these maginficant five boys. But I guess even good things come to an end; that's why right here and right now my journey as a shawol ends. I'll forever be one at heart, but will no longer be sharing it with my fellow shaowls.

Not only SHINee made my stay here a beautiful one, but even the Shawols whom I interacted with, we laughed about our weird comments, impulsive tags, and shawols' secret codes. This fandom will forever be my favorite and only one. Because SHINee holds all the place in my heart, I'll never think of joining another fandom. I love you all and I'd like to thank everyone who followed me, reblogged or liked one of my posts, or left an ask for me. One more thing... You guys rock!

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